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Resolute Ink


Advanced Universal Pre Treatment Light Shirts - Cotton and Polyester - 5 Litres BY SHOPEMPO

**New Improved Formulation** To be used the same as previously but now with better results on white Cotton and Polyester. Resolute Binding Angent pre-treatment formulation (white ink on light shirts) Fast Bright Equivalent has been developed to reduce shiny residues which otther formulations are prone to.The new formulation stays open in the nozzles longer making it ideal for pre-treatment machines as well as hand helf power sprayers. This is a milky colour liquid unlike the original clear solution. With a wider range for application this light shirt pre-treatment is more forgiving and allows for a heavier layer to be sprayed without staining. Reccomended for use with pastel shates and white shirts. For pre-treating darker colours, the use of Resolute Advance dark pre-treatment or Camtex will be needed depending on the brand and weight of garment. Can be used with Camtex DuPoint or Resolute Ink. Shake well before use and allow 5 minutes to settle before priming pre-treatment machines. Always read the instruction on the prodct label before use.


New improved formulation - better results For use in pre-treatment machines and hand spray guns Can be used with Camtex DuPont or Resolute Ink

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Available in 5L bottles