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At first glance a regular textile, on second a bright shining piece of lifestyle! Seen in full daylight, caught by the headlights of a passing car or admired in the darkness of your favourite club, reflectra® always delivers a stunning performance. Find out how your product develops star-qualities: on a flashlight photo, in the sun or through artificial lights... Reflective effects of a new generation! In terms of manual handling, the Reflectra® Plotfoil is not much different from conventional flex foils. Because it is pre-laminated with a self-adhesive tape, the plot foil is fed into the plotter with the reflective side down. Therefore the vectorfile has to be mirrored before plotting. reflectra® Plotfoil is easy to cut with all common plotters. When using this product, your plotter blade won’t lose its sharpness as quickly as with other reflexion foils. Economically and forward-thinking – That´s how reflectra® works! Even the smallest designs can be plotted with ease. After weeding, the cut foil will be transfered at 165-185°C and a pressure of 3,5 bar for 15 seconds. The tape can be removed straight afterwards, preferably in running direction of the fabric. We recommend that you give the transfer a 5-second-repress. To guarantee best results for transfer prints, test runs are strongly recommended.


Reflective on a flashlight photo, in the sun or through artificial lights Easy to cut with all common plotters Smallest designs can be plotted with ease as plotfoil is self-adhesive tape (tacky backing)Pressing Guidelines:165-185°C for 15 seconds under medium pressure

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32 x 48cm, Sheets